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Life's A Beach Is Currently Closed


Jan 30, 2023

We recently received conditional approval from the city to resume our

operations (thank you San Diego government!!!).

Long story short, we are going through paperwork/logistics and getting our own house in order to prepare for a grand reopening.

We have no official date yet to return, but we expect it to be between March and April.

We will be honoring all active clinic tickets and extended the expiration dates for 6 months.

Stay up to date with our happenings by joining our email list here and following us on Instagram - @labc.sandiego


Since 2018, Life's A Beach Volleyball Club has welcomed thousands of participants onto the bay and beach to share the love of beach volleyball. 

We were founded on, and have stood by, our core principle of acceptance and inclusion and are proud to make beach volleyball acceptable for everyone and foster a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Since our inception, we have continually looked for ways to give back to our community. At the time of this writing (November 4th, 2022) we have:

  1. Donated thousands of dollars to local non-profit organizations and individual members of our community in times of need,

  2.  With the help of our participants, partnered with Vizer to donate 100s of meals to the San Diego food bank,

  3. Dedicated 1% of our profits to charitable causes through our partnership with 1% for the planet.

  4. Helped form friendships, relationships, and driven hundreds of laughs and smiles.

In October of 2022 we were forced to discontinue operating due to violating the San Diego Municipal Code regarding operating a business on the beach. We have tried to work with city officials to resume operating within the boundary of the law. We have offered to change our schedule, cap participants, move location, pay fees, etc. We have requested meetings with multiple decision makers. Our pleas for cooperation remain unheard.


I am sad that we can no longer bring people together. I am disappointed that an organization that is deeply rooted in doing good for others has been shut down with no reprieve or thought. I am sorry that our members can no longer join us on the sand and that we can longer do good things for those around us. 

We hope to one day reopen, but for now, we cannot do so. We continue to ask the city to meet with us, we continue to offer reparations, and we remain unheard and unvalued.

We will continue to fight for this community and we will return, in some form.

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