If you have some beach volleyball experience and want to take your game to the next level join our 6-week beach training program. Improve your ball control and learn to play beach volleyball doubles the “right way.” Go from shanking to spiking, meet new beach volleyball partners, and train consistently.

This program focuses on developing skills, techniques, and tactics for beach doubles play including:

  • Beach volleyball footwork to move fast and effectively,

  • Ball control for consistent serve receives, passes, and sets,

  • Defensive tactics including blocking, reading hitters, and transition setting,

  • Reading the defense to score points easier.


This group is focused on developing you into a 2v2 beach volleyball player; it's right for you if:

  • You have some beach volleyball experience and want to improve,

  • You have played some indoor volleyball and want to learn the beach game,

  • You know how to use the three basics hits (bump, set, hit) but want to become more consistent,

  • You sometimes make mistakes receiving serves, passing balls, setting, and defending hits (digging),

  • You want to develop solid ball control, learn how to hit effectively, and play beach volleyball intelligently.

Complete beginners are not eligible to participate in this session. If you are a new player, consider our beginner level clinic. If you have questions about if this program is right for you please email us at


We set up near 3862 Riviera Drive in Pacific Beach. See location on Google Maps.