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Join our Beach Volleyball Clinics developed by professional European and American beach volleyball players and coaches! If you have never played beach volleyball, or have limited experience and want to learn the fundamentals and improve your skills in a supportive and fun environment, then the beginner clinic is the perfect class for you! If you have some experience playing beach volleyball and want to improve your ball control, strategy, and attacking for the doubles game, then our intermediate class will be great for you!

You can expect a mix of individual, partner, and group drills tailored to your ability level. Each clinic includes:

  • A brief warm-up to stretch, and get loose,

  • Conditioning, agility, and stamina drills,

  • Fundamental training (e.g., bump, set, and hit with the proper form),

  • Basic theoretical training (e.g., where to stand, how to pass effectively, where to set the ball),

  • Gameplay,

  • Good people and a great time!

Clinics are drop-in and flexible. You can join with a one time purchase, recurring monthly subscription, or class pack. Scroll down to view sign up options.

  • All programs are held near Ocean Front Wk. & Balboa Ct., San Diego CA, 92109.

  • Arrive early to find parking!

  • There are parking lots at South Mission Beach (N. Jetty Road) which fills up early and several lots at and across from Belmont Park which are a short walk to the the clinic site.

  • Find the current schedule here.

  • Please read the FAQs if you have other questions.

Beginner Beach Volleyball Class: About


Packages. Use Any Time. classes expire after 1 year .

Class Package


Try us out!

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Class Package


Only $17.50 per class!

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Class Package


Only $15 per class!

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monthly memberships. All-access. absolutely no hidden fees. 


Q: Who can participate? (AKA: Is it OK If I've never played, or if my child is a teenager, or some other reason)?

A: We make beach volleyball approachable for everyone! All ages, skill levels, genders, shapes, sizes, colors, and everything else under the sun can play. We have had ages 11-65 in our clinics. If you have basic mobility and a positive attitude you can do it!

Q: How do I Sign up?

A: Scroll up to purchase a membership of your choice and show up any day we run a clinic!

Q: Can I share my membership with my friend, partner, co-worker, mom, best friend's dogs trainer, cute barista, etc.?

A: Sorry, but due to liability reasons your membership must be used by you and you alone.

Q: If I can't share my membership can I buy another one for someone else?

A: Yes! In the checkout page there is an option to select that the membership will be used by someone else. You can do this for multiple people and keep track of them under one parent account.

Q: Do I need to pay in advance or can I show up and pay on site?

A: You can pay upon arrival, however, it's easier if you pay ahead of time since your profile will be set up and you can check in quickly.

Q: Can I pay with Cash or Venmo?

A: We accept Cash and Venmo (@labcsandiego) for single sessions only the day of the training. Discount packages (4-pack, 8-pack) and monthly subscriptions must be paid for online, and you can pay for these on site.

Q: How do I use my membership?

A: When you arrive to clinic, check in with a coach and we'll take it from there.

Q: What level or days can I use my membership for?

A: All memberships can be used for any clinic.

Q: Do I need to reserve a class in advanced?

A: Nope! Just show up any day we have a class. If the schedule says we have a class then we will be there ready to go.

Q: How do I keep track of my membership?

A: Once you purchase your first membership a member profile is automatically created for you. You can download the PushPress Members app to view your membership, reserve classes, buy more sessions, and all that good stuff. 

Q: Do memberships expire?

A: For packages, unused sessions expire one year after purchase. Monthly subscriptions are valid until either your payment defaults (uh-oh) or you cancel it.

Q: What happens if my punchcard has run out of sessions?

A: If you're proactive you can re-load with another package or switch to a monthly membership. If you show up and don't have any classes you can do the same on site.

Q: What silly fees will you charge me for monthly subscriptions?

A: The price listed is the only price you pay. There are no setup fees, annual fees, cancellation fees, management fees, etc.

Q: I have some other really specific question that can't be answered by this website, how do I get an answer?

A: Message us on IG @labc.sandiego for the fastest response. You can also email or call 619-736-3058! Better yet, show up and see us in person any day we are training.


ClinicPass Basic

  • 6 Beach Volleyball Clinics Per Month!

  • As low as $13.33/clinic!

  • No hidden fees!
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ClinicPass Plus

  • 12 Beach Volleyball Clinics Per Month!

  • Under $12/clinic!

  • No hidden fees!
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ClinicPass Unlimited

  • UNLIMITED clinics (~20/month).

  • Under $10/clinic!

  • No hidden fees!
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Clinic FAQs
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